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  • Electroforming is a process of converting holographic image (relief) from photo-resist or plastic to metal (nickel).
  • Electroforming is a space age technology used effectively to produce shapes and accuracies in metal products unmatched by any other fabrication method.
  • Electrochemistry, and additives in plating baths, permit close control of electroformed parts. Results are now as reproducible as those obtained with welding, casting, forging, and other conventional techniques.
  • Electroforming is ideal for applications where stamping, photochemical etching and laser cutting simply cannot achieve tight tolerances or complex / specific hole shapes.
  • The metals that can be electroformed successfully are copper, nickel, iron or silver, thickness up to 16 mm, dimensional tolerances up to 1 μm, and surface finishes of 0.05 μm Ra. The ability to manufacture complex parts to close tolerances and cost effectively has meant that electroforming has applications both in traditional/macro manufacturing and new micromanufacturing fields. These include tooling; mould making; fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and the combination of lithography, electroforming and plastic moulding in the LIGA process. Applications in micro-optics and medicine are included
  • The most important thing one should remember about electroforming—it replicates minute detail. In comparison with other methods of making numismatic items: foundry casting reproduces detail down to 1/100 of an inch, die striking reproduces detail down to 1/1000th of an inch, but electroforming reproduces detail down to the width of an atom!
  • Probably the biggest money maker is by electroforming items from nature. Electroforming is the plating of non-metallic. Leaves and sea shells electroformed in gold and silver The nice part about making jewelry by electroforming is the low cost and the availability of free items from nature. Some of these items include  acorns, sea horses, sea shells, sand dollars, flowers, parsley, lettuce and many other beautiful items from nature.

Basic Information

  • Basics

  • Electroforming

  • Jewellery Fabrication Technologies

Companies & Products

  • Company - Gold & Silver Electroforming religious figurine

  • Company in designing and producing gold and silver electroforming crafts

  • Indian Company Profile

  • Lithography and Electroforming company

  • Electroforming Services

  • Links to companies

Technology Scenario
  • Technology Company
  • Electroforming System
  • The Electroformed Mesh Process
  • Gold electroforms & heavy electrodeposits
  • Name Plate Design
  • Rapid Tooling
  • Stamper electroforming

Trade Information

  • Coin Club Bulletin

  • Medal Collectors of America

  • Company performance

Products & Applications

  • Electroforming of Low-Stress Iron-Group Alloys

  • Electroforming for Mold Repair

  • Multilevel electroforming components

  • Applications - Thin Films

  • Manufacturing of the multilayer
    X-ray optics for Simbol-X

  • Electroforming Process
  • Electroforming Apparatus
  • Electroformed Metallization
  • Nickel electroforms

Project Data

  • Project engineering - turnkey offer
  • Consulting company - electroforming
  • Electroforming Kits
  • Equipment supplier
  • Project offer
  • Jewelry Project
  • Equipments for electroforming process - supplier
  • Hologram Project Line - offer
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