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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Emollient are Cosmetic ingredients that help to maintain the soft, smooth and pliable appearance of skin.
  • Emollients remain on the skin surface or in the stratum corneum to act as lubricants, reduce
    flaking and improve the skinís appearance.
  • Emollients are mainly lipids and oils, which give the skin improved moisture, smoothness and flexibility.
  • These compounds repair the skin and influence skin permeability, improving the barrier function. Stearic, linoleic, oleic, linolenic and lauric acids are emollient compounds habitually used in cosmetics and
  • Avocado oil is very appreciated in the cosmetic field for its high content in fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E.
  • Crodaderm S and Crodaderm B  are two of the newest novel multi-functional high performance emollients available.
  • Mango kernel fat & Shea butter are excellent emollients
  • Wheat seed oil, jojoba oil, allantoin, Palm Oil are some of the emollients in use

Basic Information

  • Basics of skin care

  • Skin Care Ingredients

  • Uses

Companies & Products

  • British Company & products

  • German Company

  • Company in Mexico

  • Anti septic Hand rub with  Emollients

  • Lanolin

  • Modified Silicones

  • Untreatable Skin

Technology Scenario
  • Biocatalytic Process
  • Chemicals
  • High performance emollients
  • Gelled Emollients
  • Emollients for Cold Protection
  • Mango Kernel Fat
  • Natural Waxes
  • Silicone based dermal nourishing emollient
  • Shea butter unsaponifiables
  • Emollients additives for cosmetic compositions
  • Cactus Extract
  • Emollients Compositions
  • Emollients Gell
  • Emollients & Cosmetic Preparations
  • Aloe Vera Gell
  • Burnet Extract
  • Melon Extract

Project Data

  • Choice of Emollients
  • Functional raw materials for natural personal care
  • Shea Butter Formulations

Products & Applications

  • Avocado Oil uses

  • Personal care products

  • Product Guide

  • Cleaning & Maintenance products

  • Fabric Cleaning

  • Paraffin & Pimples

  • Shea Butter


  • Cosmetics Market Report

  • Products by Ingredient - Forecast

  • International Distributors

  • Global import-export Business

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Links

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