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  • Adhesives are an important application market for epoxy resin industry, consuming more than 10% of the total epoxy resin supply.
  • Epoxy adhesives consist of an epoxy resin plus a hardener. They allow great versatility in formulation since there are many resins and many different hardeners. Epoxy adhesives can be used to join most materials.  However, epoxies can have low peel strength and flexibility and can be brittle. Epoxy adhesives are available in one part, two part and film form and produce extremely strong durable bonds with most materials.
  • Epoxy is still considered the most versatile engineering, structural adhesive, and sees growth rate of 3-4% in next years
  • Epoxy adhesives are  mainly used in automobile assembly, concrete, sandwich panels, aircraft & aerospace, Do it yourself sector
  • Epoxy based adhesives have become the most recognizable structural adhesive type and have found commercial success in demanding applications such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and do-it-yourself, among many others.
  • Automobile assembly is the largest end use market for epoxy adhesive, particularly when the automobile industry in Asia develops
  • Raw material prices for all adhesive grades are substantially up from mid-2009
  • Most adhesive raw material supply chains are tight due to low inventories, idled capacity, planned, unplanned outages, some feedstock availability issues and in some cases poor harvests
  • Single component formulations are the largest representing about 55% of consumption, while two-component formulations account for another 44% of total volume. Water based, solvent based and radiation cure formulations collectively represent less than 2%.


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  • Speed Grip Auto Line Adhesives
  • Wood bonding adhesives
  • High molecular weight EpotecŪ epoxy resins
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  • Multi epoxy putty stick
  • Aqua Epoxy Putty stick
  • Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin for adhesives


  • The Technology of Epoxy resin Adhsives
  • Ecologo adhesive
  • Derivatized solid epoxy resins
  • The Processing of a single
    component hot cure epoxy adhesive
  • Quality & test reports
  • Polysulfide Sealants and Adhesives
  • Electrometric Adhesives
  • Phenolic Resin Adhesives

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  • Deep Freeze packaging applications
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  • Medical Applications

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