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Information Profile @ a glance
  • Glyphosate, a weak organic acid  is a non-selective systemic herbicide absorbed through the foliage and then rapidly translocated throughout the target plant
  • Glyphosate is used for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds in a wide range of agricultural and non-agricultural situations
  • Glyphosate when used as recommended by the manufacturer, is unlikely to enter watercourses through run-off or leaching following terrestrial application . Toxic levels are therefore
    unlikely to occur in water bodies with normal application rates and practices .
  • Glyphosate was given Europe-wide approval in November 2001 by achieving listing on Annex 1 of the Plant Protection Products directive (EC 91/414)
  • Glyphosate: Common Product Names
    (Back to Pesticide Gateway) ,RoundUp (Monsanto)
    GlyMIX MT (Dow), formulated with 2,4-D,Glyphomax (Dow)
    Glyphomax Plus (Dow), Glypro (Dow), Glypro Plus (Dow)
    Rodeo (Dow), Accord SP (Dow), Kleenup Super Edger (Bonide Products), formulated with Oxyfluorfen
    Rigo Neat' N Clean Systemic Weed and Grass Killer (Value Gardens Supply), Expert (Syngenta), Razor (Nufarm)
  • The global production capacity of glyphosate is shifting to China and China has become the largest production base of glyphosate technical in the world with a capacity of 304,900t/a in 2007, accounting for more than one third of the global productivity. The output and export volume of glyphosate in China reached 187kt and 165kt respectively in 2007. It is estimated that the total capacity of glyphosate in China will reach 630,900 tonnes to the end 2008, based on the expanding plans of the glyphosate players in China.
  • About Glyphosate
  • Background information on Glyphosate: Biology
  • Herbicide tolerant Crops
  • Glyphosate - product profile
  • Resistant Register
  • Weed Control - Soyabeans
  • Fact Sheet


  • Method for producing
    n-(phosphonomethyl) glycine


  • Technology Brief
  • Different Pathways
  • Formulations
  • Glyphosate-Resistant Crop Technology
  • Glyphosate formulations with adjuvants


  • Chinese companies
  • American Company
  • Australian Company
  • List of companies & products
  • Product Comparisons
  • Glyphosate Stewardship Forum
  • Singapore Company

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  • Use of Glyphosate in Denmark
  • Market Revival
  • Global Demand
  • Market Analysis
  • Manufacturers
  • Chinese Industry
  • Price of Glyphosate Based Herbicides Increasing
  • China Calls for Cautious Investment in Glyphosate Production
  • Market Crises


  • Glyphosate, Weeds, and Crops
  • Extraction and Determination of Glyphosate in Soils
  • Analysis of glyphosate in cereals


  • Food produced using gene technology
  • MSDS
  • Brands


  • Environmental Effects
  • Determination of Non-regulated Status for Glyphosate
  • Licenses
  • Herbicide Tolerance - key facts


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