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Information profile @ a Glance
  • The process for producing precipitated gold powder comprised of gold flakes, gold spheres, by reducing gold salt solutions in the presence of colloid at elevated temperatures
  • The demand for gold powder in Ayurvedic medicines is very large in India but several doctors are unable to prescribe it due to non-availability of quality gold powder of pharmaceutical grade
  • Diagnostic applications utilising gold
    nanoparticles are already commercially available
  • Methods for producing gold compund for medical uses include electrolysing,  synthesizing, melting, depositioand so on
  • There are patents to produce high purity gold powders for applications such as medical treatment for cancer , tuberculosis etc
  • A company had developed a unique needle-free delivery system, a technique that used gold nanoparticles and allowed vaccines to be delivered through the skin making use of the fact that small particles can pass through gaps
    between cells while large ones cannot.
  • Gold Powder is used in Lacquering technologies for decorative articles
  • Broad variety of chemically precipitated
    gold powders and flakes range from mono-sized, low surface area powders to precipitated flake/powder mixtures ideally suited for thick film conductive pastes

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Companies & Products

  • Manufacturer - India

  • Company - Brass flaked metal

  • Manufacturer - msds

  • Gold Powder - 99.9 %

  • Gold Flake

  • Alluvia gold dust

  • Gold Dust suppliers

Trade Scenario
  • Gold Report - April 2009
  • Electronic Applications
  • Dental Applications
  • Coatings
  • Conference report
  • Gold Refiners in Russia
  • Metal Spraying
  • Gold Bulletin
  • Gold dust opportunity
  • Gold Dust - Buying & selling
  • Purchasing Gold Dust
  • Values of selling Gold
  • Gold Rush
  • Etherium Gold
Project & Technology Information
  • Turnkey project Machinery
  • Plant & Machinery offer
  • Gold Powder for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Gold Colloids
  • Metallic Inks
  • Consultant
  • Lacquer Techniques
  • Nano Technology
  • Micro particles for antibiotics
  • Press & Sintering process


  • Method of producing gold powder & use thereof
  • Process for making gold powder
  • Thick film microelectronic circuitry
  • Gold Powder by precipitation
  • Producing high purity gold powder
  • Nano Particles



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