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about Graphite Electrodes
Graphite Electrode - basics Graphite Electrode is mainly used for electric arc furnace and ladle refining furnace for steel making, electric smelting furnace for producing industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, corundum and so on.
Graphite Basic information on graphite
Natural Graphite Data World mine production in countries, applications, recycling..2004 to 2008
Natural Graphite Data World mine production in countries, applications, recycling..2006, 2007
Natural Graphites Historical statistics -  From1900 to  year 2007
Graphite Electrode Selection Selection for furnace applications
Graphite & Carbon Properties & applications
Basics for the Investors Consumption of Graphite Electrodes is 2.5 kg. per tonne of steel through EAF, whereas the consumption
is only 0.5 kg. per tonne of steel in ladle furnaces for refining the liquid metal

Project & Technology Information

Technology Company Manufacturing process, products specifications & equipments, facilities installed
USA Patent A method of producing low CTE graphite electrodes from needle coke formed from a coal tar distillate material having a relatively high initial boiling point.
Electrode Construction and Analysis By studying electrode formulations, different electrode designs, and newly developed materials, battery developers, automakers,  will have an increased knowledge of the limits of classes of technologies.
Graphite Production Technology Production technology for tougher graphite electrode for an electric arc furnace
Life Cycle Analysis the energy and CO2 releases for the production of Li-ion batteries with metals from the two origins.
Needle Coke Needle Coke is a premium grade, high value petroleum coke, used in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes for the arc furnaces in the metallurgy industry
A process for the production of needle coke invention A process is disclosed for producing needle coke from heavy atmospheric distillation residues having sulfur no more than 0.7wt%
USA Patent The invention disclosed in this application is a process for the production of a premium grade needle coke which is historically feedstock dependent. The selected feedstock for this process is a hydrotreated SRC material (solvent refined coal) which produces a premium grade needle coke having a low ash, low sulfur and low solids content
The process Chart: process of graphite electrode production
Machining of micro-systems A single-pole graphite electrode is used as electrode. By infeed of this electrode the abrasive grains bonded in the grinding layer machine the electrode
Coating Reducing the specific graphite consumption - protective coating
carbon electrodes Improved technology for manufacture of carbon electrodes
Manufacturing Manufacturing process, raw materials, flow chart
Specifications Technical specification of graphite electrodes
Carbon Materials Role of Carbon Materials in Modern Power Sources
Electrolysis Graphite & Coal electrolysis
Case Studies / Companies
The Carbon Company Company case details of mfg, products & claims
List of companies companies in India, contacts, web sites ...
Company - product & specifications Security Data Sheet
Handbook Graphite Mineral Handbook 2007
Company Facility machining system for graphite electrodes
Company - India Company performance analyzed - targeting a production of 58k mt in FY09
Company - Russia Presentation on company products, performance, global market shares.....
Company Presentation Emissions Factor and Energy Balance Sheet
Company Information Manufacturing process, products details
Company certificate quality management system for sales of carbon & graphite products
Japanese Company Carbon Company performance, trade issues
Company in India performance due to price increase of needle coke
Indian Manufacturer Company Profile - manufacturing of graphite electrodes, impervious graphite equipments
company profile Investor presentation - 2008
Company Brochure Our knowledge base in the steelmaking process is unequaled in the graphite electrode industry and is the key to our unmatched technical service.
Prices 2008 company product catalogue, prices
Company Presentation Company performance - presentation 2009 to Investors
Company performance performance analysis, financials
Chinese company Chinese company - graphite products
Success story The batch production of graphite electrodes is a complex process that takes more than one month to complete

Markets & Product Applications

Graphite End Use End usage data : Industry category wise data from  year1975 to year 2003
World Demand & Prices worldwide demand is expected to double until 2012.
Solar Panels Silicon purification, a crucial stage in the solar panel production process, requires large amount of ultrapure Graphite
International Graphite Electrodes Cartel Case study of international trade issues
Cartels International Cartels - issues of competition
International Trade issues Small Diameter Graphite Electrodes from China
Silicon Carbide Continued increases in global needle coke prices have put graphite electrode production in China under duress
Chinese Market - 2008 In china smelters located in southwest & north east areas
Unfair Dumping Commerce Finds Unfair Dumping of Small Diameter Graphite Electrodes from the People’s Republic of China
China special portal Graphite Electrode Graphite Blocks Pyrolytic Graphite Carbon Raiser Natural Graphite Expandable Graphite
Market access profile This company develops, manufactures and markets graphite products, including graphite electrodes,
fine grain graphite, high purity graphite and other carbon derived products.
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