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  • Ilmenite is a titanium (TiO2) bearing mineral that, directly or indirectly, supplies in excess of 90% of the feedstock to the large TiO2 pigment
    industry as well as to the very significant and growing Titanium Sponge/Metal market, plus some smaller industrial applications
  • The minerals processing is very simple, with no chemicals involved. It relies purely on gravity, with
    the sand passing through spirals. Because of the differences in density between the ilmenite and sand, the denser ilmenite moves to the outside
    and can then be skimmed off. After mineral separation, the material is cleaned in the preparation plant, moving onto drainage bays
    where the product is kept for three days to solidify. The minerals then go into driers at a dry mill building. The ilmenite is then separated from
    the zirsill by magnetic separators.
  • Technology for roasting of
    ilmenite under reducing or oxidizing conditions using Circulating Fluid Bed technology is developed
  • Mineral sources for titanium are rutile, ilmenite, and leucoxene, an alteration product of ilmenite
  • Ilmenite may contain between 44% and 70% TiO2
  • The production  in India of ilmenite at 678,772 tonnes in 2007-08 decreased by 2% as compared to that in the preceding year. Tamil Nadu was the leading producer of ilmenite during the year contributing 46% of the total production followed by Orissa 30% and Kerala 24%.
  • Ilmenite is used mainly for the manufacture of ferro-titanium and synthetic rutile; i.e., titanium
    dioxide, a white pigment
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  • Ilmenite Sand - msds
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  • Marketing Ilmenite
  • Titanium - 2010
  • Ilmenite Production & reserves data of world - country wise
  • Applications - Oxygen Carrier
  • Potential in India
  • Production Data
  • Titanium Industry
  • Links to Trade Portals
  • Market for Srilanka Ilmenite
  • A Technological and Market Study on the Future Prospects for Titanium
  • Sri Lanka deposits of ilmenite
  • Titanium Feedstocks


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  • Deposits in India
  • Case study
  • Fluoride technology for Ilmenite processing
  • American Project Engineering Company
  • Beach Sand mining Project Details - India
  • Ilmenite from Kerala Coastline
  • Madagascar Ilmenite Mine
  • Finland Mines
  • Norway Deposits
  • Ilmenite mines in Madagaskar
  • The North east gulf of Mexico
  • Ilmenite in Lunar Soils
  • Deposits in India
  • Lunar sample compendium
  • Fort Dauphin project
  • South Africa Project
  • Investment Opportunity

Technology Information

  • The mineralogical and chemical characteristics of beach sand
    deposits from Sri Lanka
  • Smelting Ilmenite
  • High temperature carbothermal reduction of
    Ilmenite in a rotary kiln reactor
  • Leaching of non-treated Ilmenite
  • The Mining Infrastructure
  • Pre-reduction of ilmenite ore
  • Weathering of Ilmenite deposite
  • Magnetic Separation
  • New solution for crushing of ilmenite slag

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