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  • Commercial iron powders are classified in three types, reduced iron powder, atomized iron powder, and electrolytic iron powder, depending on the production method, and are used in various applications, taking advantage of their respective properties
  • Research is being carried out into the possibility of using the rolling-mill scale of low-alloyed steels for obtaining alloyed iron powders by reduction with hydrogen, solid carbon, or converted natural gas, or by a combined-reduction technique
  • Fe3O4 nanoparticles with sizes ranging from 30 to 80 nm were synthesized by wet milling iron powders in a planetary ball mill
  • Specialty-powder makers are developing cleaner prealloyed iron-, nickel-, and cobalt-based powders for high-performance parts.
  • Industry trends: Improvements in gas atomization processing to meet
    tighter material specifications for higher strength parts applications. Production of high purity metal powders and nano scale ultra fine powders
  • Iron powders are utilized in applications like casting, brazing, welding, photocopy, friction, chemical, EMI shielding and metallurgy
  • Component suppliers to the automotive industry use iron powder to make engine and transmission parts. Instead of melting and casting iron and then machining the casting, they compact metal powder in dies to produce finished products. The unit cost is lower, the quality is more uniform and the process uses much less energy.

Basic Information

  • Iron Coated applications

  • Economy in Car-making
    Powder Metallurgy

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  • Carbonyl Iron Powder

  • Electrolytic Iron Powder

  • Iron Flakes

  • Iron Powder

  • Iron Powder Casted

  • Red Iron Powder

  • Iron Powder

  • Cast Iron Powder

  • Iron Powder

  • Pharmaceutical Iron

  • Iron Powder Cores

  • Iron powder suspension in hexane

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  • Company in Gujarat

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Trade, Market Scenario
  • Powder Metal Industry - 2009
  • Industry Surviving Recession
  • Industry  Trends - 2000
  • Trends - 1993
  • Major Market Players
  • Company Report 2008
  • Iron Coating Technology
  • Consultant -Markets
  • Food Fortification
  • Elemental Iron Powders
  • Iron Compounds
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Patent / Technology Information
  • Making Iron Powder - Patent
  • Synthesis of amorphous iron
  • Sponge Iron Powder - Patent
  • Iron Based Powders
  • Highly compressible Iron Powder
  • Fine Powders
  • Nano particles
  • Iron Based powders for PM
  • Manufacturing & quality
  • Iron based Cleaning Powder
  • Producing iron Powder
  • Oxidizing & Reducing process
  • Test Report
  • Sintering of powder premixes
  • Composite Materials

Project / Equipment Suppliers

  • Manufacturing Methods
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Powder metal equipments
  • Equipments catalogue - Germany
  • Vacuum Metallurgy equipments
  • Vacuum Induction Melting
  • Mechanical Milling
  • Technology Provider
  • Raw Materials
  • Blenders
  • Screeners
  • Project Consultant

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