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  • Lignins are abundant plant biopolymers accounting for approximately 30% of the organic carbon in the biosphere Lignin is nature’s most abundant biomass substance with natural glue-like characteristics
  • The potential supply of lignin is virtually limitless
  • Lignin contains no oil based contaminants. Like magnesium chloride it is soluble in water. Further, lignin is biodegradable
  • The physical and chemical properties differ depending on the extraction method. For example, lignosulfonates are hydrophilic and will dissolve in water. These lignins are products of sulfite pulping. Kraft lignins are hydrophobic and will not dissolve in water. Kraft lignins are obtained from the Kraft pulping process. Other technologies use an organic solvent or a high-pressure steam treatment to remove lignins from plants
  • Derivatives of lignins, such as lignosulfonates, have many different industrial applications.
  • applications are in food products, serving as emulsifiers in animal feed and as raw material in the production of vanillin. Lignin uses have expanded into literally hundreds of applications - impacting on many facets of our daily lives. administration to patients.
  • Technology for the extraction of lignin, a component of natural wood, from the chemicals used in the pulping process is said to be available
  • Lignin represents one of the lowest-cost chemical
    resources available on earth , depending on the price of oil
  • Many pulp mills could benefit from recovering lignin in terms of production capacity and process economics
  • There are two principal categories of lignin: those which are sulphur bearing and those which are sulphur-free. It is the sulphur bearing lignins which have to date been commercialized. These include lignosulphonates (world annual production of 500,000 tons) and Kraft lignins (under 100,000 tons p.a.). Due to the lack of suitable industrial processes, the sulphur-free lignins are as yet non-commercialized.

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