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  • Lipstick is a significant vehicle through which women can transform themselves through the image they present to the world. Despite these feelings, society still maintains strict codes of conduct in applying and using the product.
  • The Lipstick production process consists
    of three basic steps: Melting and mixing the product, Molding the lipstick and Packaging the product.
  • Cosmetics for lip are lipstick, lip-balm and lip-pencil etc. that are similar in manufacturing. The differences of process are in the mixture and container only & can be done in the same factory
  • The main materials required are the oil, fat, powder and color agent. The oil and fat is the main item for the lipstick totaling around 90% or more. The auxiliary material will be the anti oxidation agent, pearl powder, perfume, UV absorber, and moisturizing agent etc.
  • Production can be manual, semi automatic and fully automatic ; the investment capital for machine / equipment can be from ten thousand U.S. Dollar to Millions U.S. Dollar upon the production capacity and type of production technology
  • Today, lipstick represents a significant cosmetic product & is an important consumer product in the global markets
  • The main reasons given by consumers for purchasing lipstick were for a special occasion (29%) and as a replacement for an existing (used) stick (23%). A further 20% commented on buying a new lipstick because they ‘needed a change’ .

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