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Information Profile @ a glance
  • Patients all over the globe are becoming conscious of the qualitative and financial benefits of traveling to various healthcare providers in India. The reasons of patients may vary from long waiting hours to non-availability of treatments in poor countries.
  • Every year millions of Arabs travel internationally for medical treatment in various countries and more than 300 corporate and health insurance companies in the region have funds dedicated to international medical travel
  • Some destination countries such as India and Thailand have actively promoted medical tourism. This is because it can bring about benefits including increases in revenue, foreign exchange reserves and tourism
  • India offers world-class health care that costs substantially less than that in developed countries, using the same technology delivered by competent specialists who attain similar success rates.
  • In India ‘medical tourism’ is growing at the rate of 30% a year and is expected to generate revenues of Rs.100 billion by 2012
  • The Marketing Development Assistance Scheme (MDA), administered by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, would provide financial support to approved medical tourism service providers
  • Seeing the huge potential in the sector, the (Indian) government has also started issuing M (medical) visa to the medical patients, and MX visas to the spouse accompanying him, which are valid for a year. 200,000 medical tourists visited India last year, and the figure will grow by 50% this year
  • Schedule commercial airlines like Lufthansa now carry patients in special
    compartments called Patient Transport Compartments (PTC). These are mobile
    transport units on-board Boeing 747 aircrafts, that include a stretcher, seats for doctors and medical flight assistant, medical equipment, drugs, oxygen system and material for medical treatment. This has revolutionized aeromedical transport on long-haul flights
  • The Indian hospitals industry is facing acute shortage of trained personnel, ranging from doctors, nurses, technicians and even healthcare administrators. This paves the way for new players to establish training & education centres to provide trained healthcare personnel. The emergence of private hospitals is likely to change the state of healthcare in India. Additionally, technological innovations in service delivery, increased affordability, improved service quality and government policy initiatives are other factors expected
    to improve the sector..
Medical Tourism
  • Basics
  • American medical association - Guidelines
  • Example


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  • Sai Medical Group
  • JCI Accredited Hospitals in India
  • Heart Hospitals
  • Hospital List
  • Hospitals in Mumbai & other cities
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India - destinations

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  • The Indian systems of medicine
  • Impact of Economic Downturn and Opportunities
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  • Wockhardt Hospitals Group
  • Apollo Hospital

Information sources & Conferences

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  • Seminar Presentation
  • Brochure, Goa 2007
  • Brochure Chennai 2008
  • California 2008

Project Information

  • Project - Health City
  • Project proposal
  • Critical Access - Hospital Feasibility
  • Investment Opportunities- International Hospital
  • Industry Standards
  • Project Consultants
  • Project Consultancy
  • The Marketing Development Assistance Scheme
  • Insurance Program for International
    Medical Tourism
  • Hospital Development Project


  • Market
  • Global Competitiveness in Nursing for National Development
  • World Market Potential
  •  The Health Care Sector - UAE
  • Arabs
  • Health tourism & Marketing Strategies
  • Trends
  • Trade in Health Services in the ASEAN Region
  • Technologies On Global Outsourcing & Offshoring Of Health Care Services
  • Hospitals in India in ancient period and medieval period
  • Medical Tourism Cluster
  • Medical Tourism - Iran
  • The Philippine Medical Tourism Program
  • Network of Hospitals

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