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Project Information @ a Glance

  • Quail farming is a project of livestock sector, in which, the day old chicks are raised on high protein feed for a period of 28 days

  • Quail has been identified worldwide as a laboratory animal because of its salient characteristics that include rapid growth, early sex maturity, short generation interval and prolificacy in egg production.

  • Japanese quail [Coturnix Japanica] has been introduced in some countries as an alternative avian species in the progressing of poultry industry to mitigate chronic protein deficiency

  • Domesticated quails differ from wild Coturnix Japanica, which are protected under the Wild Life (Protection) Act

  • Quail meat has less fat and fewer calories, forming an ideal food for health conscious consumers. Quail eggs and meat are renowned for being rich in vitamins, essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids, which are vital for human physical and mental development

  • The shelf life of quail eggs and meat can be enhanced by preserving the products as
    egg and meat packed in plastic pouches

  • Quail can be used for the production of cutlets, fingers, noodles, soup powder and egg puff.

  • About Rs.50 Lakhs will be required to set up & manage a Quail Farm to produce about 3,50,000 birds per year

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