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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Corrugated paper boards are used for carrying products , protect it from banging around and keeping it from spilling. They are made with important information printed on them about the product inside, how to lift or move it.
  • 75% of industrial packaging is done by carton boxes due to effective cushioning, light weight, easy to fabricate, easy for storing, easy for disposal, no strapping necessary, printing and advertising advantages
  • Packaging materials are mainly produced according to the specific orders of customers. Hence the project will have to target on selected enterprises and develop its marketing strategy according to the needs of those potential user enterprises
  • The major raw materials used in making corrugated paperboard are Kraft paper of different grades, adhesive or glue and printing inks.
  • Corrugated board boxes are used in different area of packing in goods such as: Breweries, Glass wares, Cigarettes, Pharmaceuticals, Biscuits, Milk & Milk products, Soaps, Cosmetics, Tea & Coffee, Hosiery, shoe & footwear industry, toys

Basic Information

  • Corrugated Box - Basics

  • How are corrugated boxes made?

Industry Information
  • Industry Challenges
  • Carbon Foot Print
  • European Corrugated Industry
  • Tray Design
  • Green products
  • Food Safety
  • Impact on Environment

Project Information

  • Sample Project Profile
  • Scheme on corrugated board and boxes
  • Project & Technical Notes
  • Turnkey Project Information
  • Machinery suppliers
  • Mumbai Machinery supplier
  • Raw Materials & Machinery sources
  • Marking
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Reel Identification and Finishing

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Technology Information

  • Improved Method of Manufacturing Corrugated Boxes
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
  • High Technology
  • Stitching Wire Production

Trade, Companies & Products

  • Corrugated-board box marketing strategy
  • Association of Andhra Pradesh
  • Association of India
  • Technical Seminar - 2011
  • Kraft Paper Mills
  • Companies Directory
  • Companies List
  • Exporters
  • Standard Test Method for Thickness of Board
  • Dimensions of Common Footprint boxes
  • Companies & Catalogues
  • Manufacturers
  • Recycle versus Reuse
  • Corrugated Board
    Life Cycle Studies
  • European Trade data
  • Industry & Trade Links


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