Tertiary Butyl Hydro Quinone
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  • Tertiary Butyl Hydro Quinone is also called - 1,4‐Benzenediol, 2‐(1,1‐dimethylethyl)
    TBHQ - synthetic antioxidant
  • TBHQ is a food additive, its E number is E319, where it is used as a preservative. It is added to a wide range of foods, with highest limit (1000 mg/kg) permitted for frozen fish and fish products. Its primary advantage is enhancing storage life.
  • TBHQ contains the petroleum-derived butane and is used either alone or in combination with the preservative-antioxidant butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and/or butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).
  • Hydroquinone combines with oxygen very rapidly and becomes brown when exposed to air.
  • The FDA said that TBHQ must not exceed 0.02 percent of its oil and fat content. Death has occurred from the ingestion of as little as 5 grams. Ingestion of a single gram has caused nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse. Industrial workers exposed to the vapors-without obvious systematic effects-suffered clouding of the eye lens.
  • Vegetable oils Viz. Cotton Seeds Oil, Soya bean oil, Mustard oil, coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Cannola oil, Palm oil, Groundnut oil, Rice bran oil. Baked and confectionary Products. Cosmetics , Edibile Fats, Emulsifiers, Flavouring and spices, Margarine, Snack foods like Freid Pototo chips, Instant Noodles, Citrus oils, Butter fats, Fried Nuts, Pat Foods, Cereal and Grains, Lard, Essential oils like Peppermint oil, Orange oil ..
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  • Process for preparation of Quinones
  • Anisole Derivatives
  • Polymorphs of Butylated Hydroxy Anisole
  • Production of Hydroquinone

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  • lnert Reassessment: Tertiary butylhydroquinone
  • Rosmariquinone
  • Copolymers
  • Codex Standard
  • Shortenings: Types and Formulations


  • Antioxidants: Science,
    Technology, and Applications
  • Applications
  • Cosmetic applications
  • Synthetic food grade antioxidant
  • Carcinogenicity
  • Uses
  • Phytogenic Antioxidants
  • Application Guide
  • Food application
  • User guide
  • Material safety data sheet


  • The antioxidant effect of curry leaf powder
  • Food Additives
  • Synthesis of SO3H functionalized ionic liquids and their catalytic performance in the butylation of phenols with tert-butanol
  • P-tert-Butylphenol
  • Environment Issues
  • Butylated Hydroxyl Anisole
  • European Union

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