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  • Important factors for consumers when buying towels are softness & absorbency
  • When buying towels, heavier cotton towels seem to be the preference of most consumers. New options are fiber blends and germ fighting finishes cotton is one of the most absorbent and comfortable fibers available
  • Cotton can absorb 7-8 times its own weight in water synthetic fibers are usually spun into yarns and used in only the background fabric
    for strength, durability, and to reduce shrinkage
  • Terry cloth is a pile woven fabric - it is woven with one or more extra sets of yarns in the lengthwise direction to create the pile or loops
  • China, India, Brazil, Pakistan , USA are the major countries producing Towels USA, Hongkong, Japan, Germany, U.K., France are the major importing countries
  • India: The estimated annual production terry towels is 100,000 tons and will likely to go up to 115,000 tons with ongoing expansion and new investment by 2012 in the country
  • India still has cost advantage on availability of raw material and cheap labor for manufacturing terry towel
  • About an investment of 5 Crores is required to set up a factory to produce roughly 150 tons of towels per year

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