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  •  Pyrolysis is the thermal degradation of materials containing carbon. The process is carried out usually at temperatures in the range of 400 C to 600 C in an atmosphere in which oxygen is very limited or excluded to preclude combustion. The products of pyrolysis include gas, liquids and solid char
  •  Three commercially important pyrolysis by-products from vehicle tires are liquid oil, solid char, and exhaust gas.
  •  A typical passenger car tire contains 24-28 percent of carbon black, 40-48 percent of natural rubber (NR) and 36-24 of synthetic rubber including styrene butadiene rubbers (SBR) and butyl rubber (BR).
  • The disposal of rubber waste, such as that from used tires has increasingly caused in a serious environmental problem. Each year about 10 million tonnes waste tire rubber were disposed of all over the world, and approximately 40 thousand tonnes every year from China and only 10 % are recycled
  • About  300 Million tires are recycled annually in the USA
  • There are good business Opportunities for development of pyrolysis technologies of waste tire rubber due to environmental pressure and economical driving force. Techniques developed were recently characterized by small-sized device, lower cost to construction and operation, easy to transfer and disperse where it is needed.
  • About 30 inventions on the pyrolysis of waste rubber were patented in P.R.China.
  • There is one patent application from India too
  • Thermal pyrolysis is a process used for tire recycling. It splits complex materials into desirable ones under high temperature, i.e. turns rubber into oil, steel and carbon powder. Development of effective pyrolysis technologies
    has been going on since the early eighties but the high temperature of the process (typically 700C - 800C) has so far led to poor quality of the recycled substances with low commercial value.
  •  It is further claimed that the decreased temperature of
    the process prevents complex hydrocarbons from thermal destruction, which happens in traditional processes conducted at higher temperatures.
  • 100 Tons/Day plant is estimated to cost USD 30 Millions
  • The reclaimed oil could be used for fuel or petroleum products, the carbon black for inks, dyes or rubber or plastic products, and steel for automobiles or construction materials
  • Scrap Tyres - FAQ
  • Greenhouse gas emission factors
  • Tires to Diesel
  • Compositional Analysis


  • Pyrolysis of scrap tires - Process variables
  • Combustion processes of scrap tires
  • Process - Video Clip
  • Distillation - video clip


  • Method and reactor for producing tire oil 
  • Invention - Apparatus
  • Research activities of the pyrolysis of tire rubber being undertaken in China 

Technology & Sources

  • Developments in Sweden
  • Technology references in Europe
  • Technology from American Company
  • Pyro Systems
  • New Technology
  • Super Critical Fluid (SCF) technology

 Project Information

  • Feasibility Study for a Demonstration Plant
  • Project Profiles -  Europe
  • Project in Illinois
  • Project News
  • A waste tire and rubber recycling facility based on thermal pyrolysis technology
Company profiles & Consultants
  • Renewable Energy Company
  • Tyre Recycling Consultants
  • Technology Company in the US
  • Technology Company - Malaysia
  • North American Company
  • USA Technology Company
  • Chinese Technology
  • California Company


  • Coal Fired Power plants
  • Co processing coal with Tyre Oil 
  • Coal liquefaction processes
  • Coal Solvent
  • Carbon black Production
  • Tire Derived Fuel


  • Market for Scrap Tyres
  • Pyrolyzed scrap tires
  • Commercially important pyrolysis by-products from vehicle tires
  • Pyrolysis of organic materials
  • Heavy Commercial Solvents
  • Project Resource Guide
  • Tyre Fire
  • Waste Tyres - developing and evaluating possible
    policy options and responses


  • Technology/Equipments Supplier
  • Turnkey Plant Supplier

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