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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Tyre retreading practice is a service industry for users of tyres where a used tyre is rebuilt to work as a new one with enhanced life.
  • The retread industry being a service industry has close liason with tyre manufacturing industry and all the innovations/ developments, especially in regard to materials and performance parameters, get imparted automatically, into the retreading practices.
  • Retreading of damaged tyre is done by conventional hot matrix curing in most cases. But recently a new technology has been developed called
    “Precured Tread Rubber Retreading Process” which is commonly known as “Cold Process Retreading”.
  • The market demand of tyre retreading by cold process is increasing day by day.There is a good scope for setting up units for tyre retreading by cold process using procured tread rubber
  • Investment of about INR Five Millions are required to set up a plant to offer services to about 10,000 used tyres per year by Cold Process - according to some consultancy Organizations
  • Cushion-To-Casing system uses an extruder to directly extrude hot cushion gum onto the buffed casing surface, thus directly replacing the process of wrapping calandered sheet cushion gum around the buffed casing
  • Precured Tread Rubber (PTR), USC, Cushion Gum, Envelope and allied items are required for retreading of tyres through cold and hot process
  •  The process of retreading a truck tyre saves 44 kilograms of rubber; 68 litres of oil; and 182.24 kg CO2
  • The important contribution of retreading tyres makes both economically and environmentally in reducing life cycle cost and removing worn tyres from the waste stream is well known

Basic Information

  • Tyre Retreading Industry profile

  • Tyre Building

Companies & Products

  • Company profile

  • Kanpur Company

  • Mumbai Company

  • Company USA

  • Precured Tread Rubber Company

  • Netherlands company

Technology Scenario
  • CTC Technology
  • Tyre Repairs
  • Retread Procedure
  • Rubber Bonding
  • Used Tyre Issue
  • Environment issues
  • Link to Videos

Trade Information

  • Emerging Suppliers

  • Tyre types & patterns

Plant & Machinery Suppliers

  • Tyre Retreading machineries - coimbatore

  • Coimbature supplies

  • Presses & Plants for the Rubber Industry

  • Machineries & prices

  • List of suppliers

  • Transport procedures
  • Hydrostatic Testing Procedure
  • What Does Future Hold for Truck Tyre Retreading

Project Data

  • Tyre Retreading (By Cold Process) - project information
  • Rubber compounds supplier
  • Turnkey Project Offer
  • Project example
  • Tyre retreading Material - project offer
  • OTR Tyre Retreading - project offer

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