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  • Biodynamics is an approach to agriculture based on a concept of life forces. These forces work in nature to bring about balance and healing. Biodynamics combines "biological" agriculture with an understanding of "dynamic" ecological systems. If there is a "conventional" school of organic agriculture today, it practices "biological" farming. The term biodynamic was coined by Steiner's adherents.
  • A central aspect of biodynamics is that the farm as a whole is seen as an organism, and therefore should be a closed self-nourishing system. Biodynamic wines are those made using the principles of biodynamic agriculture. In most cases, however, one speaks of wine made from biodynamic grapes, rather than of biodynamic wine. Increasingly these are becoming known as BD wines.


  • Biodynamic farming uses natural compost to promote beneficial bacteria and build up and maintain stable humus in the soil; this soil vitality then
    supports the quality and health of the plants that grow in it. At Grgich Hills, we have found that biodynamic farming is perfectly suited to growing top quality grapes.
  • Biodynamic gardening is a variant of organic gardening as we know it. All organic methods exclude the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and their first priority is the quality and vitality of the soil. We all believe that horticulture must be ecologically based and the environment free from contamination. Biodynamic concepts include the influence of the moon and cosmic forces on plant life.


  • Ceágo Vinegarden  is all about blending old technologies with the new. An organic or biodynamic agricultural operation like Ceágo Vinegarden has limited options for treating pests, mold or other diseases. Adjustments can be made more quickly and efficiently to schedule cultural practices or irrigation. Sugar analysis is another option, and it can be tracked through each vine. The system also has the ability to send out warnings to a cell phone and to activate the irrigation system.
  • A technique is founded upon the assumption that the fertility of the soil depends upon an ample supply of organic matter and on maintaining high levels of humus that assumption is based upon knowledge of sciences of the soil, soil microbiology, and vegetable physiology,. Biodynamics depends on soil enrichment through regular crop rotations. Different food crops, cover crops, as well as leaving land fallow or wild all helps to maintain healthy soils. Crop rotation with biodynamics encourages beneficial insects, reduces compaction, and recycles nutrients.

Market & Report

  • Yet many organic farmers fear that if Walmart taps their market sector it will lead to price cutting in a tight market for food that is more labor-intensive to produce and for which there is currently a greater demand than the existing supply.
    More farmers would certainly “go organic” to meet this demand with the increased market share. There are currently more then 40 biodynamic farms in Canada and there are now biodynamic agricultural societies in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.
  • When the unaccounted environmental costs of modern agricultural inputs are added to the increasing, high energy, material costs of chemical farming it becomes apparent that biodynamics is the most efficient option for agricultural production as well as for the environment. It needs to be stated that biodynamic inputs have minimal environmental and production costs.
  • A biodynamic market place accessible on one website was created earlier this year and is becoming a much appreciated resource for both consumers and retail buyers. It is still under development but will help to service the growing market interest in Demeter products. That site growth has been particularly strong in the Severn valley region.

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