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  • Distribution is the process of moving product from business (manufacturer /producer) to the
    end user. This intermediary role is played by distributors who collect production from the  manufacturer and ensure its availability to the end user.
  • Large and growing domestic market includes above 140 million consumers with growing incomes and a growing middle-class moving to sophisticated consumption habits, current population growth, increase in per capita income, urbanization and current economic development, etc. indicate that there is an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in the Distribution business.
  • Distributors and their levels of distribution: Main distributor, Retail distributor, Sub-distributor, Handling Agent.
  • Investment in a small or medium scale distribution business would largely depend on the following factors: Distribution territory or region to be covered, Population of the area, Number of houses; and Family size.
  • The entrepreneurs choose locations like bungalows in the vicinity of the industrial areas or godowns within the industrial arras. Proximity of distribution house to the target market plays major role to cut down transportation cost and increase revenue. Besides, loading and unloading of goods would be convenient.
  • The minimum requirements for a small to medium scale distribution agency premises i.e. Office, Godown and Parking.
  • Distribution business is a logistics business which draws a considerable investment in the goods transportation vehicles. Success of the business largely depends on the efficient transportation and delivery of products.

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