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General and Processing

  • Fruit concentrate is the pulp of a fruit that has had some percentage of the natural water removed.

  • The concentration of fruit juices requires the partly removal of water, leaving all the original solid components such as fruit sugars, minerals and vitamins to the more concentrated solution.

  • Typically a 3-stage falling film evaporation plant is used for concentration of the fruit juices.

  • Evaporators have a constant capacity. In the evaporation process the concentration value is typically increased from 10 to 50-70 Brix.

  • Removing water during the concentration process requires a lot of energy in form of steam. A tight control of the evaporator station results in great energy savings that are gained by using K-Patents PR-03-A.

  • The Pressure Chilling Process developed as a result of looking to improve the quality of fruit juice concentrate.


  • Generally, white grape concentrates are used as natural sweeteners and as juice stock. Concentrates from red grape are used as food coloring agents, sweeteners, and juice stock.

  • Black Cherry Flavor Concentrate is excellent for baking and is heat stable up to 4oo degrees F. This flavor is also great for ice cream and dairy products.

  • Peach Flavor Concentrate is excellent for baking, dairy products, beverages and candy.


  • The outlook for prices of grapes used in the concentrate market, while favorable, remains constrained due to several factors. In any given year the domestic grape juice concentrate industry does not produce enough product to supply the market demand.

  • Imported grape juice concentrate and other juice concentrates, both domestic and imported, are used as substitutes, particularly as natural sweeteners.

  • Grape juice concentrate increased in California to approximately 462,000 tons.

  • Today the grape juice concentrate market is filling the surplus grape market role.

  • Apple juice concentrate accounts for 72% of U.S. fruit concentrate consumption. The price of grape concentrate tends to fluctuate with that of apple.

  • Soft drink concentrate maker Rasna recently launched a ready-to-drink fruit concentrate named Fruitplus. The company has a distribution base of 1.8 million retail outlets and it sold 3 billion glasses of concentrates last year. The company is planning to retail Rasna in other countries as well. It is already exporting other Rasna variants in 40 countries and manufacturing them abroad.

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