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  • Handmade paper is completely wood-free. Handmade paper is not only eco-friendly but is recyclable as well.
  • Handmade Paper possibilities includes - Crinkle papers, Mottled papers, Textured papers, Moon rock papers, Silk papers, Floral papers, Flower petals papers, Sandwich, Leaf impression papers, Embroidery papers, Stitched papers, Embossed papers, Dew drop papers, Spray Coated papers, Silk screen printed papers, Block printed papers, Batik papers, Designer papers, Gift wrapping papers, Lokta papers, Rice papers etc.


  • The basic process of making paper by hand is fairly simple. It can be divided into the following stages: Preliminary Treatment, Beating, Sheet Formation, Pressing, Peeling and Drying, Sizing.


  • Handmade paper can be used not only for decorative purposes but can also meet the day-to-day requirement of paper for writing, printing etc.
  • Handmade paper industry manufactures paper such as drawing paper for artists, permanent document paper, dark coloured card sheets,
    deckle edged stationery, exclusive greetings, varieties of fancy decorative wraps, unique carry bags, water mark paper certificates, filter papers and pads.


  • Establishing a handmade paper unit is an excellent means of bringing jobs and empowerment to local rural communities whilst ensuring and increasing the sustainable management of bamboo resources. The initial investment required is low and the unit is very Labour intensive.
  • The markets for handmade paper are growing and there may be opportunities to export the product. It is also an excellent means of promoting the sustainable management of bamboo stands and plantations.
  • The Handmade Paper is in great demand, which is being exported to countries like U. S. A and France, generates a business of more than 5 million rupees.
  • The handmade paper and its allied products offers a vast marketing scope in both inside and outside the country.

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