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  • China and India export more than $150 million worth of human hair in a year
  • Indian human hair is available in the colours of black and dark brown, grey, white and brown. This can be described as straight, curly, wavy and silky. Human hair waste collection by itself is a lucrative business.
  • There are over 100 players in the Indian market. US, UK, Indonesia and Malaysia are the major buyers of hair from India
  • Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam in Andhra Pradesh auctioned around 80 tonne of hair worth Rs 60 crore.
  • There is a good demand for Indian hair in France, UK, US, Canada, and other European countries
  • Human hair can trap and hold spilled oil. Human hair has a quality of adsorbing, rather than absorbing oil. That is, oil does not bond with the hair; instead it accumulates in layers on the hairís surface. This helps in easy recovery and reuse of the oil by simply squeezing it from the collected bundles. Moreover, oil-saturated bundles of hair can be burned as fuel.
  • Human hair adsorbs up to five times its weight in oil while not retaining water. A company produces oil-capturing hair mats to adsorb spilled oil
  • Human hair is a raw material source for L-cysteine, an amino acid frequently used in baked goods such as pizza dough and bagels
  • Cystine is a crystalline, sulphur containing amino acid. Hair and skin are made up of 10% to 14% cystine. Natural cysteine and cystine have been manufactured by hydrolysis and isolation from keratin protein available in hair and feathers. Cystine is particularly abundant in skeletal and connective tissues, hair and digestive enzymes
  • Hair is used for making doll hairs and soft toys
  • When Chemists, Companies make hair products, they test them on Human hair wastes

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