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  • In general, net production can be broken down into four steps: (1) derivatives from the oil industry are used to make material for extrusion into fiber; (2) this raw material is extruded into yarn; (3) yarn is warped, knitted, and heat-stretched (stented), if needed, to make netting material; and (4) netting material is cut and sewn into nets.
  • Manufacturing a bednet begins at the netting material production facility. The first step is to produce or purchase monofilament fiber, such as 75 denier polyester fiber. Multiple spools of fiber are then spun onto one larger spool using a “warping” machine.15 These large spools are placed onto a “warp weaving” machine, which then makes netting 60 inches in width


  • Estimates of net use show a great deal of disparity across SSA, but typically reveal that 10 to 30 percent of the population uses untreated nets7,8; the percentage who use ITNs is much lower. Enormous progress is still needed to reach the 60 percent coverage goal for vulnerable populations, which was set at the Roll Back Malaria (RB M) summit in Abuja, Nigeria, in April 2000.
  • The Government of Kenya’s “Insecticide Treated Nets Strategy 2001-2006” sets a goal of 2 million new nets acquired, and 10 million nets treated with appropriate insecticides, per year. In 2001, a reasonable estimate is that 150,000 - 200,000 untreated nets were sold by the Kenyan private sector. Another 100,000 nets (with insecticide treatments) were imported by NGOs and distributed through projects or sold by retail outlets at subsidized prices.

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