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  • In chemistry a nitride is a compound of nitrogen with a less electronegative element where nitrogen has an oxidation state of -3.
  • Classification of nitride include: salt like, e.g. lithium nitride, Li3N, beryllium nitride, Be3N2 , covalent, interstitial e.g. titanium nitride, TiN , intermediate e.g. iron nitride, Fe2


  • Recent advances in nitride based white light sources and on electronic devices that can operate at high temperatures have enthused researchers to work more vigorously on different aspects of III–nitrides such as gallium nitride (GaN), indium nitride (InN) and aluminium nitride (AlN).
  • Low-temperature bis(tertiary-butylamino)silane (BTBAS) -based nitride spacers showed device performance improvement over DCS based nitride spacers.


  • Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) is a relatively new member of the advanced ceramics family.It is used in many varied applications, but lends itself particularly to applications where high temperatures are involved.
  • Silicon Nitride components are useful for the whole production process of the aluminium parts.
  • Nitride deposition with SiH4/NH3/N2 has been widely used in compound semiconductor industry.


  • Demand for aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates is increasing as a heat dissipating & insulation substrate for power modules used for inverters that control the turning of a motor and so on.
  • The market of aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates  is expected to grow at about 7 to 10 percent annually, especially with the growth of hybrid cars in the auto industry field, and solar power generation and wind power generation in the energy field.
  • The largest market for silicon nitride components is in reciprocating diesel and spark ignited engines for combustion components and wear parts.

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