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  • Rubidium is a chemical element with the symbol Rb and atomic number 37. Rb is a soft, silvery-white metallic element of the alkali metal group.
  • Rb-87, a naturally occurring isotope, is very slightly radioactive.
  • Rubidium is the twenty-third most abundant element in the Earth's crust.
  • It occurs in the minerals pollucite, carnallite, leucite and lepidolite, from which it is recovered commercially.


  • A common method for producing rubidium is to pass an electrical current through molten (melted) rubidium chloride.
  • Bose-Einstein condensates of rubidium-87 are produced in a multistage process involving laser cooling and trapping, as well as evaporative cooling in a magnetic trap.
  • Rubidium is obtained as a minor byproduct of the processing of lepidolite and pollucite.


  • Saturated absorption spectroscopy using a narrow band diode laser was applied to the determination of Rb in a laboratory- detect isotopes of built see- through hollow cathode glow discharge cell.
  • Selective field ionization Technique is followed by a slow ramp in rubidium and apply this scheme to an electron scattering experiment, corroborating dipole selection rules in fast electron scattering induced excitation.


  • Rubidium is used little outside research.
  • It is easily ionised so was considered for use in ion engines, but was found to be less effective than caesium.
  • It has been proposed for use as a working fluid for vapour turbines and in thermoelectric generators.
  • It is used as a photocell component and in special glasses.

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