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  • Zinc oxide is a chemical compound with formula ZnO. It is nearly insoluble in water but soluble in acids or alkalis. It occurs as white hexagonal crystals or a white powder commonly known as zinc white. It remains white when exposed to hydrogen sulfide or ultraviolet light.
  • An amorphous white or yellowish powder, ZnO, used as a pigment, in compounding rubber, in the manufacture of plastics, and in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Also called Chinese white, zinc white.
  • Zinc oxide occurs in nature as the mineral zincite. Zincum Oxydatum is the latin name for Zinc Oxide commonly listed on homeopathic medicines.
  • ZnO has also been considered for spintronics  applications because of theoretical predictions of room temperature ferromagnetism. 
  • Recently, ZnO has been observed to act as a chemical reagent for Friedel-Craft Acylation Reaction.
  • Zinc oxide-recognized as a mild antimicrobial, wound healing and sunscreen agent. Primarily absorbs UVA light rather than scattering or reflecting, non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and micronized by forming many small micro particles for cosmetic use.
  • Zinc oxide is produced by oxidation of metallic zinc vapor at elevated temperatures. There are two methods. Direct method and indirect method.
  • A high-quality single-crystal zinc-oxide substrate and p-type doped epilayer can be used to produce efficient and less expensive solid-state lighting devices.
  • Two-photon absorption and a negative nonlinear refractive index make Zinc Oxide (ZnO) an effective optical limiter, with potential applications for sensor protection and laser stabilization.
  • Zinc Oxide is one of only two UVA absorbers approved for use in the US market by the US Food & Drug Administration.
  • Zinc oxide is a naturally occurring mineral and therefore the Company believes ZinClear-IM is ideally positioned for the natural cosmetics segment which is currently showing growth rates of 20% per annum.
  • According to Freedonia Group, nanoscale zinc oxide was a $4 million market in 2000 and will show a CAGR of 56 per cent through 2007 to $90 million, partly as a result of increasing demand for high SPF sunscreen formulations. Likewise, from 2000 to 2020 a continued manufacturing shift from traditional metal oxides to nanoscale metal oxides will occur with nanoscale zinc oxide demonstrating an overall growth rate of 24 per cent to an estimated $350 million by the year 2020. 

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