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  • Acephate is an organophosphate foliar spray insecticide of moderate persistence with residual systemic activity of about 10-15 days at the recommended use rate.
  • Acephate comes in soluble powder, pressurized spray and granular formulations.


  • Acephate is rapidly absorbed into the leaf tissue of cotton plants when applied foliarly, with nearly 40% of the applied acephate present in the internal extract and 25% remaining on the leaf surface 24 hours after application.
  • The un recovered acephate probably was trans located from the leaves or bound in un extractable form in the leaf tissue.


  • Acephate should be used at the bud and pin stages on processing beans.
  • Once pins are present on fresh market snap beans and trap catches are above 2 per night, a 7-10 day schedule should be maintained for corn borer control.


  • It is used for control of a wide range of biting and sucking insects, especially aphids, including resistant species, in fruit, vegetables vine, and hop cultivation and in horticulture.
  • It also controls leaf miners, lepidopterous larvae, sawflies and thrips in the previously stated crops as well as turf, mint and forestry.
  • It controls parasites of cattle, goats, hogs, horses, poultry, and sheep, where tolerances have been set for milk, eggs, fat, and meat.
  • Acephate is used for household use or golf course spray.

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