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  • Acetyl chloride, also known as ethanoyl chloride, is an acid chloride (also known as an acyl chloride) derived from acetic acid (ethanoic acid).
  • Acetyl Chloride is a clear, corrosive and fuming liquid; melting point of -112 C, boiling point of 51-52 C, refractive Index of 1.3890.
  • Acyl halide is one of a large group of organic substances containing the halocarbonyl group, have the general formula RCO·X, where X is a halogen atom (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine) and R may be aliphatic, alicyclic, aromatic, and H etc.
  • Acetyl chloride does not exist in nature, because contact with water would hydrolyze it into acetic acid and hydrogen chloride.
  • Acetyl chloride is synthesized by the reaction of acetic acid (CH3COO-H) with thionyl chloride (O=SCl2) under liberation of sulfur dioxide (SO2).
  • It is a reagent for acetylation in the synthesis or derivatization of chemical compounds. Examples of acetylation reactions include acylation processes such as esterification.
  • It is widely used as an acetylating agent in the synthesis of fine chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • It is also used as an intermediate for dyes. It is also used to determine water in organic liquids and in testing cholesterol.
  • Acetyl Chloride is used as an Acetylating agent ; Special chlorinated agent for inorganic compounds , Catalyst in esterification, halogenation of aliphatic acids and nitration of thiophenes; Synthesis of organic intermediates , Perfume industry .

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