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  • Aconitic acid is an organic acid, The conjugate base of aconitic acid, aconitate is a substrate of the citric acid cycle.
  • It is acted upon by aconitase, Aconitic acid can be synthesized by dehydration of citric acid using sulfuric acid
  • Aconitic acid is a product having the formula HOOC.CH2.C (COOH) = CH. COOH, derivable from citric by a dehydrating reaction at the position of the double bond.

  • Trans aconitic acid (TAA) is the predominant organic acid in cane leaf matter (CLM) juice.

  • TAA is a white to yellowish crystalline solid, with melting point 195 C. It is soluble in water and alcohol.

  • It is an intermediate in the tri carboxylic acid cycle produced by the dehydration of citric acid.

  • In general, the production of aconitic acid is effected by reacting the alkaline earth aconitate in the presence of water with a mineral acid of such nature that the alkaline earth metal forms a non-soluble salt with the reactant while the aconitic.

  • Acid re amins in solution, whereby the alkaline earth metallic salt may be filtered out, leaving a solution containing the aconitic acid.

  • Aconitic acid has been prepared from citric acid by the action of sulfuric acid or hydrogen chloride, or by heating.

  • It has been prepared also from methyl acetylcitrate and from acetylcitric any hdride.

  • Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), solid-liquid extraction and ion exchange were evaluated for the recovery of Trans aconitic acid from cane leaf matter still age.

  • Aconitic acid is a tri carboxylic unsaturated acid and is of special interest in the production of resins, plastics, plasticizers, flavors, etc.

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