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 Information At a Glance

  • Acorus calamus is the botanical name of the plant more commonly known as calamus. Other common names of calamus include calamus root, flag root, muskrat root, sweet calomel, sweet flag, sweet sedge, and many other names. The Acoraceae family is comprised of a single genus called Acorus. Only Acorus calamus and no more than one or two other species of Acorus are included in the genus.
  • The APG II system (2003), recognizes the Acoraceae family and gives it its own Acorales order. The oil of Acorus calamus is used as an ingredient in flavors, particularly in liquors. It is used a great deal in the making of alcoholic drinks and in perfume to give a bitter tang to the former and those special nuances to the perfumes, it is also used in toothpaste

Growth & Cultivation

  • Calamus is a perennial herb of the family Araceae, commonly found in moist habitats such as the banks of ponds or streams and in swamps throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. In appearance, it resembles the iris. Subsequent investigations have now shown that there are actually four different medication types of calamus, each originating from a different variety of Acorus calamus growing in different geographical areas of the world.
  • Calamus prefers wet soil and is found in ditches, beside lakes and rivers, and in marshy places. Propagation is carried out in autumn or early spring by dividing the clumps of rhizomes and replanting them in shallow water. The rhizomes are harvested as needed.

Extraction & Application

  • To get the extract of Acorus calamus, following processes are done. Collection of the healthy tubers (roots), purification to get rid of the physical impurities if any, then making powder and followed by suitable extractor to get the extract and aseptic package for storage and transportation.
  • The root of Acorus calamus powder has a mild stimulating effect. It has a positive effect on the stomach and digestion. It is strengthening and can improve memory. Acorus calamus powder is a hallucinogen at high doses, because calamus contains Asarone, which is transformed to TMA-2 in the liver.


  • India, one among 12 Bio-diverse countries of the world, is abode of 45000 floral species, out of which 15000 are those of Medicinal Plants. Approx. 85% to 90% of these come from the wild. As per the report of State Level Planning Committee, Meghalaya the State of Meghalaya has 850 species of  Medicinal Plants, 377 of which are used by 70% to 80% of the State’s population for primary health care needs. Acorus calamus is one of the medicinal plants
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plant(MAPs) are mainly used in pharmaceutical industry for their formulations such as tablet, capsules, powders and extracts. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicines extensively use
    MAPs in their treatment. In addition they are used in pharmaceutical research to find out
    new drug components.

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