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  • Carboxylic acid derivatives are compounds with functional groups that can be converted to carboxylic acids by a simple acidic or basic hydrolysis.
  • They include esters, amides, nitriles, acid halides, and acid anhydrides.
  • Reaction of -OH and -COOH on same molecule produces a cyclic ester, lactone.
  • Esters are named as alkyl carboxylates, Alkyl from the alcohol, carboxylate from the carboxylic acid precursor.


  • A recent synthesis made S-alkyl thiohydroxamic acids readily available, though in every case only one isomer, inferred to be the anti form, was isolated.
  • Reaction of -NH2 and -COOH on same molecule produces a cyclic amide, lactam.
  • Acyl derivatives of ara-C4 with long linear saturated fattyacids at the A/4 position of ara-C exhibited a higher antitumor activity than did ara-C in the mouse leukemia L1210 system.


  • The ideal acylating reagent would be a carboxylic acid, but the acids themselves are relatively unreactive with nucleophiles. A simple solution to this inactivity, as noted earlier, was to convert the carboxylic acid to a more reactive derivative such as an acyl chloride or anhydride.
  • Chiral phase HPLC has mainly been applied to pharmaceutical molecules but Chapter 7 shows how it can be used to separate enantiomers of monacyl and diacylglycerols.
  • The development of acyl derivatives was determined by borohydride reduction technique.
  • Polybutadiene with a narrow molecular weight is synthesized by anionic polymerization of butadiene monomer in cyclohexane at 20 ' C using n-butyllithium as Initiator .


  • N-alkylation, N-acylation, and Nhydroxyacylation, type of organic compound used in each of N-substitution reactions to ultimately enhance the bioactivity of chitosan.

  • Acylation is one of the fundamental reactions in organic chemistry and can be carried out by wide variety of reagents.

  • Acyl groups play an important role in the chemistry of biomolecules.

  • Ester enolates which is a derivative of corboxylic acid derived from alkyl esters of alkanoic acids react with carbony1 compounds in an aldol type reaction forming alkyl @-hydroxyalkanoates.

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