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  • An adhesive is a compound that adheres or bonds two items together.
  • Adhesives may come from either natural or synthetic sources.
  • Adhesives, from inorganic mineral sources, or biological sources such as vegetable matter, starch (dextrin), natural resins, animal skin, and bioadhesives
  • Contact adhesive is one which must be applied to both surfaces and allowed some time to dry before the two surfaces are pushed together.
  • Adhesives based on elastomers, thermoplastic, and thermosetting adhesives.


  • Phenol (C6H50H), the primary component of the resin used for the wood adhesives, is made from petroleum.
  • In making adhesives and plastics from wood waste or other biomass uses solvent lo exlraci and concentrale a phenolics and neutrals traction lrom the pyrolysis oil.
  • Ultrasonic energy process is used to cure a structural adhesive used to bond two pieces of 2024-T3 aluminum. Ultrasonic energy is absorbed by the adhesive and is converted to heat.


  • Cold-applied systems are waterproofing or roofing applications that utilize a cold adhesive (solvent-based or water-based) in the adherence or fusion of the roof system.
  • Insul-Lock II™ insulation adhesive is a one-part, easy-to-apply, solvent-free, asphalt-free urethane. It quickly creates a strong bond with a variety of insulations and deck types, and requires no special application equipment.
  • The main advantages of adhesive bonding are threefold: adhesives provide a continuous bond, with uniform distribution of load over wide areas; adhesives can bond irregularly shaped surfaces; and adhesive bonds are more resilient to stress and mechanical vibrations.


  • Micro adhesive bonding technology can be used for the assembly of microparts. But the properties of adhesives in small dimension can be totally different to those in classical macroscopic dimensions.
  • A thermal technique called laser-based microwelding, can be employed in the joining of microdevices, such as stainless-steel catheters and stents


  • Over 2.5 million tons of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are annually produced in the world.
  • The estimated total U.S. market alone for adhesives is about $10 billion dollars. PSAs are commonly used in products such as labels, tapes, removable note pads and self-adhesive postage stamps.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives represent the third largest global market segment in size and in expected demand growth. This segment is growing at an annual rate about 10% higher than the average for the total global adhesives and sealants market.
  • The global presentation identifies the Pressure Sensitive Adhesives demand in the USA, Western Europe and Japan which, when combined, represents about 80% of the world market place.

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