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  • Agarwood or just Agar (from the Malay gaharu) is the resinous heartwood from Aquilaria trees, large evergreens native to southeast Asia.

  • The resin is commonly called Gaharu, Jinko, Aloeswood, Agarwood or Oud and is valued in many cultures for its distinctive fragrance, thus it is used for incense and perfumes.

  • Agarwood or eaglewood is the most expensive wood in the world.

  • Agarwood is the occasional product of two to four genera in the family Thymelaeaceae, with Aquilaria agallocha , Aquilaria crassna and Aquilaria malaccensis the best known species.

Extraction & distillation:

  • Agarwood CO2 extract is a very viscous, very dark brown oil. It is non-sticky and can be applied directly to the skin or can be thinned in jojoba oil. Water or hydro distillation is one of the oldest and easiest methods being used for the extraction of essential oils.

  • The Agarwood oil distilling process is important as good quality output is expensive on the back of techniques and individual experiences.

  • There are three popular Agarwood oil distilling processes. They are Water Distillation, Steam Distillation, and Continuous Steam Distillation.

  • In contrast to the production of absolute oils as described by Arctander, the hydro distillation process through which Secretion are liberated skips the middle step of washing the concrete with alcohol. Although by different extraction processes, the absolute oil and the secretion both reveal the heart of the original pure fragrance.


  • Agarwood is the most rare and precious wood on the planet, prized for its rich, wonderful and healing fragrance.

  • Agarwood, being extremely rare and often difficult to obtain, has it's value pegged at 1.5 times that of gold.

  • Bukhoor is the smoke of fragrance created by the burning chips of Agarwood or pieces of mix fragrant ingredients bind by sugar-syrup.

  • Agarwood is a mystical resin which is used for meditation unlocking the subconscious and balancing the life airs or chi.

  • Agarwood has also been used in nearly every religious tradition around the world and revered for thousands of years by many cultures as a treasured incense ingredient.

  • Agarwood has a very long history of use as a medicine, incense and aromatic oil. It is a very complex, deeply woody fragrance, reminiscent of amber. The extract is rarely used in western perfume production because of its prohibitive price. However, connoisseurs of essential oils covet this scent.


  • International trade in agarwood is estimated at 6 million kilograms per year but this does not include the trade of other agarwood products like oil and incense. The value of agarwood re-exported from Singapore alone each year has been estimated to exceed US$1.2 billion.

  • Agarwood chips and flakes are the most common forms of agarwood in trade. Only 10-20% of a large slab or piece of agarwood can be drawn into chips and flakes, with the remainder sold as powder/dust or used for oil distillation.

  • Agarwood-producing species are found from India eastwards to the island of New Guinea, including all Southeast Asian countries and north to Hainan Island in southern China.

  • The prices of raw agarwood powder are about 10% higher than those of chips of the same grade of agarwood, taking into account the approximate 10% loss of weight when grinding chips or pieces into powder.

  • Several traders expressed that the cost of agarwood oil is extremely high, and, additionally, the price of agarwood oil from the countries of origin has increased by about 300% in the past 10 years.

  • Japan has a well-developed but highly specialised traditional industry for fragrance appreciation, which involves both the use of raw agarwood, as well as processed forms, most commonly incense.

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