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  • Biological technology is technology based on biology, especially when used in agriculture, food science, and medicine. Biotechnology in agriculture refers to the techniques that allow scientists to modify DNA, the genetic material of crop plants and livestock, to enhance their tolerance to pests and diseases, increase yield and improve quality and nutritional value.. It has a wide range of possible applications in agriculture and food. Biotechnology can also bring many benefits to medicine, the environment and industry.
  • In fact, the term should be used in a much broader sense to describe the whole range of methods, both ancient and modern, used to manipulate organic matter to meet human needs. Plant biotechnology is an extension of this traditional plant breeding with one very important difference plant biotechnology allows for the transfer of a greater variety of genetic information in a more precise, controlled manner.


  • Agricultural biotechnology is an important R&D and business sector in India. India is the world's largest producer of fruits and the second largest for vegetables and milk. Some analysts predict that with the help of agribiotech, India can become the world's largest exporter of agricultural products.
  • Agricultural biotechnology includes the application of microorganisms to control the agricultural pests and diseases, to improve soil fertility; moreover the genetic engineering of agricultural plants, animals and microorganisms. Conventional or modern agriculture was based on new seed varieties, agrochemicals, irrigation, mechanization, etc., which is known as the Green Revolution in India.

Application & Technology

  • Biotechnology can compress the time frame required to translate fundamental discoveries into applications. Industrial biotechnology applies the techniques of modern molecular biology to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of industrial processes like textile, paper and pulp, and chemical manufacturing.
  • Environmental biotechnology is the used in waste treatment and pollution prevention. Environmental biotechnology can more efficiently clean up many wastes than conventional methods and greatly reduce our dependence on methods for land-based disposal. Gene therapy altering DNA within cells in an organism to treat or cure a disease is one of the most promising areas of biotechnology research.
  • New genetic therapies are being developed to treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, AIDS and cancer With the advancement of biotechnology, several screening techniques for identification of true-to-typeness on the protein and the DNA levels have been developed, which might be applicable for identification of cultivars and detection of plant off-types.


  • Some U.S. agricultural export markets, notably the European Union (EU), have taken a more restrictive approach to regulating agricultural biotechnology than the United States, presenting obstacles for U.S. farm exports. Over the past two decades, the advances made in agricultural biotechnology has opened up new frontiers in agricultural production. The new techniques for understanding and modifying the genome of living organisms have led to large investments in agri biotechnology research and development.
  • U.S. farmers are pegging their hopes on biotechnology to help increase productivity to ensure that demand can be met. Biotechnology has enjoyed steady, yet modest adoption by U.S. corn farmers. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 40 percent of U.S. corn acres were planted with biotech hybrids.

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