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  • Agrichemical (or agrochemical), a contraction of agricultural chemical, is a generic term for the various chemical products used in agriculture.
  • Agrichemical refers to the broad range of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, but it may also include synthetic fertilizers, hormones and other chemical growth agents, and concentrated stores of raw animal manure.


  • The Research and Development process within the agrochemical industry encompasses both the discovery of new agrochemical products and the research, developmental and regulatory processes associated in managing and maintaining the commercial and regulatory status of the products of each company following their introduction.
  • Laboratory simulations can be done by Environmental assessment process for measuring release and toxicity of residual agrochemicals is performed.
  • The measurement of agrochemicals in waters and soils is expensive, which inhibits monitoring, resulting in increased risk to agriculture and the wider, natural environment.


  • Agrochemical treatments consisted of single or multiple applications integrated into a commercial spray programme.
  • Agrochemicals play a decisive role in determining the profitability and incomes of small-scale farmers in the tree fruits sub-sector.
  • Agro-chemicals application was encouraged through subsidies, tax incentives and agricultural extension programmes leading to increased outputs and was adopted as the quickest path to food self-sufficiency.


  • Pesticides are the last input in the Agricultural operation, which protects all the other inputs, when significant investment is already done.
  • The agrochemical market had been relatively static for almost 20 years, increasing in line with inflation.
  • Herbicides accounted for 45.4% of the agrochemical market, followed by insecticides 27.5%, fungicides 21.7% and other products 5.4%(4).
  • The  global agrochemical  market  increased by  6.2% in nominal dollar  terms, to be  valued  at $26,710  million,  although  in euro  terms this correlated to a decline of 11.1% to 23,638 million.

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