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  • Agrichemical (or agrochemical), a contraction of agricultural chemical, is a generic term for the various chemical products used in agriculture.
  • The number of steps and types of intermediates used in the synthesis of active agrochemical substances varies widely.
  • India is the second largest producer of agrochemicals in Asia and is one of the most dynamic generic pesticide manufacturers in the world. Out of 145 pesticides registered in India, 85 of a technical grade are locally produced. India is a global sourcing base for generic agrochemicals.
  • India's agricultural chemicals market is estimated at USD 650 million and is expected to grow 10 to 12 percent per year.
  • The south Indian State of Andhra Pradesh accounts for approximately 35 to 40 percent of the total agrochemicals consumed in the country.
  • There are an estimated 30 major agricultural chemical manufacturers, and more than 600 smaller manufacturers in India.
  • India is among the fastest growing crop protection markets in the world.
  • India is the third largest producer and consumer of fertilizers in the world.
  • Imports of agricultural chemicals and their intermediates are expected to expand due to the adoption of scientific and more modern methods of cultivation to sustain the growing demand for food to feed the ever-increasing population.
  • Agrochemical manufacturing is highly dependent upon both oil and gas.
  • In India and Pakistan, 53% and 70% of total pesticides are consumed by cotton respectively.
  • The use of pesticides is particularly high in the case of cotton and paddy, which account for about 45% and 25% respectively of the total pesticides used in agriculture.
  • The changing global market environment, farmer awareness and knowledge, significant development in research and development, and the role played by the government has greatly affected the agrochemical industry.
  • In recent years, the Indian agricultural chemicals market has experienced a shift from high volume low priced agricultural chemicals to low volume high priced chemicals.
  • The demand for agricultural chemicals in India is seasonal and the fortunes of this industry are dependent on the monsoon rains.
  • The Indian agricultural chemicals industry is currently characterized by a number of small firms, particularly at the lower end of the technical segment, while MNCs' and large corporations control nearly 75 percent of the total market.
  • Major Indian companies in this sector are United Phosphorus, Rallis India, Excel Industries, PI Industries, Hindustan Insecticides, RPG Life Sciences, Modipon, Nagarjuna Chemicals, Voltas, Sudarshan Chemical Industries, and Godrej Agrovet.
  • The insecticides market is highly competitive and developed with the presence of a large number of players.
  • Fungicides are used at the most on 12% of the total area in Paraguay, which has the highest rate of their application in the world.

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