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  • Albendazole, marketed as Albenza, Eskazole or Zentel.
  • Albendazole is a member of the benzimidazole compounds used as a drug.
  • Albendazole also has been shown to inhibit the enzyme fumarate reductase, which is helminth-specific.
  • Albendazole is approved in several European and most Third World countries.
  • Albendazole works really well against one called Septata.
  • Albendazole is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic.
  • Albendazole is white to yellowish crystalline powder.


  • Albendazole (ABZ) is oxidized to a sulfoxide (ABZSO), which is in part further oxidized to a sulfone (ABZSO2); albendazole sulfoxide is the main metabolite in vivo.
  • The formation of ABZSO is directly associated with two different microsomal enzymatic systems, cytochrome P-450 and flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO).
  • The selective S-oxidation of albendazole, fenbendazole, and other benzimidazole sulfides with sodium periodate in acid medium, afforded the corresponding sulfoxides or sulfones.


  • Sensory Analysis was used in the albendazole suspension stability study.
  • A meta-analysis of randomized trials compares the effect of albendazole and praziquantel with no specific therapy to evaluate the effect of cysticidal drug therapy on complete destruction of active lesions and on the risk for seizure recurrence.
  • Differential scanning calorimetric analysis showed that the free ABZ in the kneaded systems existed in the amorphous state.


  • Albendazole [ABZ;1 methyl(5-proylthio)1H-benzimidazole-2yl] carbamate is one of the most important benzimidazole derivatives used against liver flukes, tapeworms, and lung and gastrointestinal roundworms.
  • Albendazole is an effective treatment option for childhood giardiasis.
  • Albendazole a benzimidazole carbamate (methyl 5- propylthio-1H-benzimidazole-2-yl carbamate) is a broad spectrum antiparasitic which is used worldwide against a variety of parasites.


  • Ethylcellulose(EC) microspheres containing ABZ were prepared by emulsion/solvent evaporation technique and characterized by scanning electron microscopy.
  • A randomized trial study was conducted comparing the efficacy of two high-dose regimens of albendazole for the treatment of uncomplicated human strongyloidiasis.Agar plate culture (APC) was used as an evaluation technique for coprological diagnosis.
  • In the Mechanism of drug release from soild dispersion of albendazole, the perticle size of drug is examined by noval dissolution technique.

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