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  • Aluminium hydroxide, Al(OH)3, is the most stable form of aluminium in normal conditions.
  • Aluminum Hydroxide is also known as Alumina Trihydrate, Aluminum Hydrate, Hydrated Alumina and Hydrated Aluminum Oxide.
  • Aluminium hydroxide is amphoteric. It dissolves in acid, forming Al(H2O)63+ or its hydrolysis products.

Manufacturing Process

  • Aluminium hydroxide is an intermediate product in the Bayer process.
  • The Bayer process has four distinct stages: Digestion, Clarification, Precipitation and Calcination.
  • The complex Bayer process uses high temperature and pressure to convert the crushed bauxite to pure aluminium hydroxide, which is then roasted to drive off the water and convert it to aluminium oxide, or calcined alumina, a white powder.
  • The bauxite ore is first dissolved in a solution of sodium hydroxide, and then the aluminum hydroxide is precipitated from the sodium aluminate solution by neutralization (as with carbon dioxide) or by autoprecipitation (Bayer process)


  • Alternating current electrocoagulation is an electrochemical technology for introducing low concentrations of a nontoxic polymeric aluminum hydroxide species into aqueous media.
  • Freshly precipitated aluminium hydroxide forms gels, which is the basis for application of aluminium salts as flocculants in water purification.


  • Aluminium hydroxide works as an antacid by neutralizing excess acid in the stomach.
  • Aluminium hydroxide has a wide range of uses, such as flame retardants in plastics and rubber, paper fillers and extenders, toothpaste filler, antacids, titania coating .
  • It is used as a feedstock for the manufacture of aluminium chemicals, e.g. aluminium sulfate, aluminium chlorides, poly aluminium chloride, aluminium nitrate.
  • Aluminium hydroxide is also used as an adsorbent, emulsifier, ion exchanger, mordant, antacid, and filtering medium.

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