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  • A Sandwich structured composite is a special class of composite materials that is fabricated by attaching two thin but
    stiff skins to a lightweight but thick core.
  • Open and closed cell structured foam, balsa wood and syntactic foam, and composite honeycomb are commonly used core materials.
  • Glass or carbon fiber reinforced laminates are widely used as skin materials. Sheet metal is also used as skin materials in some cases


  • Sandwich panel constructions using metallic and polymeric honeycombs are used in the automotive industry.
  • Due to rising production costs,research on the so-called liquid resin infusion method (LRI) has intensified lately since this method promises a significant reduction in manufacturing cost.
  • In foam core sandwich technique, graphite foam can replace honeycomb in applications that require high
    thermal conductivity and low weight.


  • The aerospace industry use composite structural materials because of their exceptional strength and stiffness-to-density ratios and superior physical properties.
  • Hylite : used in automotive application for avoiding 'metallic' sound, and obviates the need for damping materials which
    add to both weight and cost.
  • Composite sandwich construction is playing an increasingly important role in the design of structures because of its exceptionally high flexural stiffness-to-weight ratio.


  • Fabrication Technology : Hexcel composites Honeycombare easy tofabricate into finished panels and even complex components.
  • Laser Technology : Laser welding (autogenous and cold filler wire),Laser welding with hot wire and Hybrid,Laser Brazing,Laser Remote Scanning (Small and large field).
  • Threshold vacuum insulation technology: This technology provides increased energy savings, increased cargo space and high durability.


  • Preliminary tests were completed on sandwich panels for one University. These tests were conducted to determine appropriate specimen geometries and fixture requirements for future potential user proposals.
  • A report presents the results of tests conducted to determine the stresses induced in the core and facings of a flat sandwich panel by a concentrated load applied at an insert.
  • In the use of structural sandwich construction, particularly for aircraft structures, it is often necessary to carry loads into the sandwich through fittings that allow loads to be applied in a direction normal or inclined to the plane of the sandwich.

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