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General Information

  • Aluminum powder is a light, silvery-white to gray, odourless powder which is available in a range of sizes up to 1mm. It is a reactive flammable material. Moist aluminum powder may ignite in air, with the formation of flammable hydrogen gas.

  • Aluminum powder (uncoated) is also known as aluminum powder, aluminum, aluminum flake, aluminum metal, metana.


  • Atomization is the process used commercially to produce the largest tonnage of metal powders.

  • Atomisation methods include Rotating Electrode, Vibrating Electrode (arc), Centrifugal (from a melt) and Rapid Solidification (eg aluminium ribbon). However, by far the most commonly used methods are either water or gas atomisation.

  • Atomisation processes, involving the conversion of a melt into a spray of liquid metal droplets and the subsequent (or simultaneous) solidification and collection of these droplets as a powder, are used extensively powder manufacture.


  • Aluminum powders are used in paints, pigments, protective coatings, printing inks, rocket fuel, explosives, abrasives and ceramics; production of inorganic and organic aluminum chemicals; and as catalysts. Pyro powder is mixed with carbon and used in the manufacture of fireworks. The coarse powder is used in aluminothermics.


  • The global market for powder metallurgy products is currently estimated to be worth in excess of $5 billion per year and is growing at an annual rate of approximately 8-10%. Central to this growth is the need to develop better methods of manufacture and improved understanding of the processes involved in powder production.

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