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About  Phage Therapy & Antibody Industry
  • The New Chemistry of Antibodies
  • Bacteriophage Ecology and Plants
  • Novel Alternative to Antibiotics
  • Monoclonal Antibody Production
  • Population and evolutionary dynamics of phage therapy
  • Antibody Overview - The Genomics Opportunity
  • Phage display: practicalities and prospects
  • Phage II
  • How biotechnology becomes biomedicine
  • Developing Biopharmaceuticals for Infectious Diseases
  • Plantibodies
  • The Single-Chain Antibody Technology IP Licensing Program
  • Recombinant Antibody Technology.
  • Phage Display
  • Phage Display & its Applications
  • Phage display: practicalities and prospects
  • Phage display technology - Applications and innovations
  • Phage Display Manual
  • Applications of Promega's In Vitro Expression Systems
  • Antibody Microarrays: Promises and Problems
  • Therapeutic Antibody


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Information Sources

  • Antibody Engineering
  • Monoclonal Antibody Therapies
  • Integration of nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells.
  • Origins of Highly Mosaic Mycobacteriophage Genomes
  • Lysis Inhibition and Fine-Structure Genetics
  • The protein engineers
  • Bacteriophage Ecology Group Links List
  • Antibody Phage Technology
  • Recent advances in recombinant antibody technology: Part 1
  • Recent advances in recombinant antibody technology: Part 2
  • Generation of hapten-specific recombinant antibodies: antibody phage display technology
  • Fully Synthetic Human Combinatorial Antibody Libraries (HuCAL) Based on Modular Consensus Frameworks and CDRs Randomized with Trinucleotides
  • Recombinant human IgE antibodies from antibody phage display libraries
  • The Antibody Resource Page contract antibody
  • Dna protein Fusion
  • Evolution of Multi-domain Proteins by Gene Fusion and Fission
  • Natural Catalytic Antibodies (Abzymes) in Normalcy and Pathology
  • Intrabodies Valuable Tools
    for Target Validation
  • Algonomics
  • Centre for Environmental Contaminants Research

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