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  • An antigen is a foreign particle that enters the body. This could be a disease causing agent such as part of a bacterium or virus or could be a particle such as pollen or dust.
  • An antigen is a molecule that stimulates an immune response. The word originated from the notion that they can stimulate antibody generation. We now know that the immune system does not only consist of antibodies. The modern definition encompasses all substances that can be recognized by the adaptive immune system.
  • An autoantigen is usually a normal protein or complex of proteins (and sometimes DNA or RNA) that is recognized by the immune system of patients suffering from a specific autoimmune disease.


  • The worldwide market for therapeutic and diagnostic monoclonal antibodies is expected to reach $26 million (€21.2 million) by 2010, buoyed on by technological advances that allow antibodies to exhibit a specified targeted attack on disease-causing cells or compounds.
  • Revenue from antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic uses is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 11.5%, according to a 2005 report, “Dynamic Antibody Industry,” published by the Business Communications Company. With an estimated market of $15 billion in 2005, revenues should reach $26 billion by 2010.
  • In response to market demands for an alternative method, SDI has developed an antigen expression method that removes antigen development and production work from the researcher’s laboratory. An additional benefit to moving antigen development and production to SDI is the consistency and reliability of a highly robust system.

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