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  • The Indian apparel Industry is preparing for a growth spurt. According to estimates by Cygnus Economic and Business Research, the industry will grow 4 to 5 percent a year in volume and 13 percent a year in value. 
  • Menís apparel market is 46 percent of the total apparel market in India. Preference for readymade garments is increasing and this has become inevitable with the rise in urbanization.

  • Womenís apparel market is 17 percent of the total apparel market in India. The preference for the branded Western and Indo-western apparels among the working women is on the rise, which is a welcome relief for the manufacturer and retailers of branded apparel.

  •  The dressing habits are getting refined if not changed specifically among the working women. Kidsí apparel market is 37 percent of the total apparel market.

  • Retail industry in India is estimated at US$ 200 billion and is projected to grow at 5% p.a.
  • Mumbai is one of the many cities benefiting from India's retail transformation. With more than one billion people, the third largest economy in Asia is on track to overtake China as the most populas in the world by 2050.
  • In 2005 , India is the most compelling opportunity for retailers, according to A.T. Kearney's Global Retail Development Index(GRDI).
  • Trade policies other than textile-related quotas have had a major impact on the geographical patterns of trade in textiles and clothing.
  • The market for high-end clothing in India is estimated at Rs1,000 crore, and for accessories, including cosmetics, costume jewellery and footwear, at another Rs1,000 crore.

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