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Information @ a Glance

Production & Technology

  • It has been typical of production lines in the automotive industry to be static, rather than flexible, in the approach to continuous improvements of machining performance.
  • 2-Stroke engines are relatively less fuel sensitive. 2-Stroke engines with catalysts require lead free and low Sulphur gasoline.
  • The technology and features of motor vehicles are constantly being changed as new and updated models are designed in response to evolving consumer preferences, offerings from competitors, and regulatory requirements.
  • Foreign automakers—particularly the Big Three (Ford, General Motors, and DaimlerChrysler) have helped to modernize the automobiles on the road today, emissions control and fuel efficiency technology installed in Chinese cars is considerably behind European, Japanese, and U.S. levels.
  • Foreign firms and the Chinese government share the responsibility to correct this laggardness.

Used Auto Parts

  • The three major reasons to choose used engines or parts are availability, price and quality. Used parts are readily available, reasonably priced, and were manufactured to OEM quality standards. Also, recycling through the use of used parts is good for the environment.
  • The hard parts on your vehicle can be recycled called re-manufacturing. During this process, the worn part is actually re-manufactured to"like new" condition. A good example of this process would be a water pump.

Market & Report

  • China’s automotive industry has experienced tremendous growth to become one of the leading automotive markets globally with sales and production of passenger cars reaching 2.3 million
  • It is found that there is only a very limited number of countries and products accounting for the majority of all European imports of parts. Total EU imports were € 172 billion, of which € 8 billion (4.7%) originated in developing countries.
  • It is calculated that average labour costs in China are a mere 3% of European costs, while it has a sufficient base of skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Industry Overview

  • The automotive component industry in Lithuania is focused on manufacturing the following products: automobile wire and cable bundles, fuel pumps, automotive electronics, automotive electronic wiring, automotive air compressors, diesel engines, oil and air filters, brake systems, cargo containers, car hitches, car windows, ornamental parts, etc.
  • Lithuania’s industry was growing and the same tendencies were observed in the automotive component industry.
  • The Indian automobile components industry is an example of a successfully nurtured infant industry. India has emerged as a significant exporter of auto parts.

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