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  • Functional gum is the name given to types of chewing gum which impart some practical function instead of, or in addition to, the usual enjoyment provided by a traditional chewing gum as a confectionery product.
  • Gum is usually made with green tea extract.
  • Diet gum claims to increase metabolism.
  • Energy gum, also known as caffeine gum, is used as a replacement for energy drinks or caffeinated beverages, such as coffee. In addition to caffeine, these gums also often include some of the herbal extracts that are believed to enhance concentration and mental functioning.
  • The fact that medicinal products have to be manufactured according to GMP is now well established. Under current GMP rules and regulations, it is the pharmaceutical manufacturer who is responsible for overall operations i.e. including the quality of components: the active ingredient(s), the excipients and the packaging materials.
  • A chocolate chip cookie containing soluble fiber and plant sterols reduces cholesterol, according to the manufacturer.
  • National Starch Food Innovation's appointment of Fiske as its new distributor of nature-based ingredients to the Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese markets extends a long-running relationship.
  • The UK food industry has promised to continue reducing levels of salt in manufactured food products. In a joint report from manufacturers, farmers and the hospitality sector, salt in sliced bread is to be further reduced and targeted reductions in processed meats will be released in the spring.

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