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  • Bamboo is a group of woody perennial evergreen plants in the true grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae. Some of its members are giant bamboo, forming by far the largest members of the grass family. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Their accelerated growth rate (up to 3-4 feet/day (1.5-2.0 inches/hr)) is due to a unique rhizome system and is dependent on local soil and climate conditions.
  • Bamboo Industry was founded by Ingo Ito and George Din - originally conceived as a pop-duo project, mixing industrial sounds with influences of traditional asian music.

  • After their first demo-tapes they were joined by additional musicians and the musical concept shifted to an alternative pop band of the eighties with a touch of Bamboo.


  • Bamboo is a critical element in balancing the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Bamboo plays a very important role in conserving soil and water. Bamboo is eminently suitable for housing and general engineering because of its high strength/weight ratio, phenomenal flexibility and tubular anatomy. The products made by traditional bamboo artisans groups continue to play a crucial role in the rural agro-industrial.

  • Bamboo farming is ecologically sound. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the immense economic potential of this amazing material, develop its utilization and propagation and to raise plantation of selected bamboo species, particularly in denuded hills and degraded areas; over logged forest areas; banks of the rivers and tanks; road sides and marginal farm land covered under agro-forestry programmes.



  • The aim of improved cultivation techniques for High-yielding Bamboo Stands for Industrial Pulp and Paper Production is to implement modern cultivation and management techniques to meet the the increasing demand of rawmaterials for pulp and paper production.
  • The bamboo stands are managed for culm production, and specific cultivation and harvesting techniques are used.


  • Issues including compliance with the regulatory framework for foods in Australia, promotion of bamboo shoots, finding an export market for shoots and improving quality standards through the proposed adoption of Freshcare are all high priorities and action on each of them is being taken under the direction of the board.

  •  A willingness to go to the market to meet with agents and customers and to let feedback from the market determine the best packaging procedures and quality standards are considered positive signs that the group as a whole recognises the importance of supply chain relationships and a consumer orientation.

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