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  • Bananas are firm and free from disease, mold, damage, rot and peel rag.

  • Portuguese planted the first banana plantation in the tropics of the Caribbean and Central America.

  • The  Banana puree is creamy yellow with no off aromas or flavors.

  • The taste is sweet & fully ripe bananas.

  • Banana puree is derived from hand peeled, sound, bright bananas that have been ripened to optimum maturity &  a fully developed banana flavor.

  • Banana Puree, is made from fresh Cavendish bananas which are ripened to full flavor, peeled, mashed, homogenized and then thermally processed, aseptically cooled and packaged to assure commercial sterility.

  •  The color, texture, and flavor are uniform and there are absolutely no preservatives or sugar added. 

  • Research Has addressed some of the processing & quality Problems associated with the production of a clarified banana juices.

  • Banana puree does not have any additives except vitamin C to protect color and citric acid to control pH.

  • Banana is very crop in many countries but a large percentage  of the crop is typically unsuitable for the fresh market.

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