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  • The chemical formula for Barium Titanate is BaTiO3. As a powder it is white to grey in colour and has a perovskite structure.
  • It is soluble in many acids including sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. It is insoluble in alkalis and water.
  • It is a ferroelectric ceramic material, with a photorefractive effect and piezoelectric properties.


  • Barium titanate can be manufactured by liquid phase sintering of barium carbonate and titanium dioxide, optionally with other materials for doping.
  • The barium titanate was prepared starting from barium oxide and titanium oxide.
  • Barium titanate was synthesized from commercially available BaCO3 (99%, purity) and TiO2.


  • Barium titanate is used as a dielectric material for ceramic capacitors, and as a piezoelectric material for microphones and other transducers.
  • Thin films of barium titanate display electrooptic modulation to frequencies over 40 GHz.
  • The pyroelectric and ferroelectric properties of barium titanate are used in some types of uncooled sensors for thermal cameras.


  • Barium titanates high relative permittivity characteristics were found in later period in several different parts of the world independently. Since that time barium titanate has become one of the most researched dielectric materials and one of the most widely used for small discrete components.
  • Raman spectroscopy, like XRD, has proven a very powerful tool in the analysis of many different aspects of barium titanate. Recently the Raman method has been successfully used to determine dielectric constant for loose powder barium titanate.

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