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  • Benthiocarb is a thiocarbamate cholinesterase inhibitor
    used as a herbicide.
  • Thiobencarb is also known by the name benthiocarb and the trade names Bolero and Saturn.
  • Thiobencarb is a pale yellow liquid with a boiling point of 126-129 C.
    Thiobencarb is readily soluble in most organic solvents and slightly soluble in water.
  • Thiobencarb is released directly to the environment through
    its use and application as an agricultural herbicide.
  • Microbial breakdown plays a major role in thiobencarb degradation which occurs also more rapidly in non-sterile soil and sediment systems than in sterile systems.
  • In recent year, a number of multinational companies rice herbicides enter Chinas market and have already occupied a certain market share in China.
  • The Consumption for fungicides has been increased year by
    year. The serious rice diseases this year will boost the demand of the new paddy products.
  • The herbicide market in China will continue its uptrend in 2011 as the growing demand favoured by the changing planting pattern and business pattern.
  • Herbicides are registered for use in Africa and are widely used by large-scale commercial farmers, yet the smallholder farms have been denied the choice of herbicide technology due to insufficient training and education.
  • Currently, there are five products containing thiobencarb registered under Section 3 of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.
  • Pesticides Database
  • Pesticides Manufacturing
  • Public Health Goals for Chemicals in Drinking water
  • Thiobencarb
  • Benthiocarb Properties


  • Environmental fate of Benthiocarb
  • Dissipation Kinetics of Benthiocarb in Water at Different pH levels under Laboratory Condition
  • Effects Determination for Molinate and Thiobencarb for Pacific Anadromous Salmonids
  • Fate of the Herbicide Benthiocarb in a rice paddy model ecosystem
  • Persistence of Benthiocarb in Soil: Influence of Ultraviolet and
  • Effect of foliar application of herbicides, Benthiocarb, 2,4-D and Fluchloralin on phyllosphere microflora of potato
  • Sequential Programs


  • Composition and method of using fungicides for inhibiting induced phytotoxicity in rice from halogenated aromatic herbicides
  • Synergistic Herbicidal Mixtures
  • Herbicide Composition for paddy field
  • Synergistic Composition and Method of Use


  • Abolish
  • Bolero Utramax
  • High flash formulation
  • Saturn
  • Sand Coated Granule
  • Rice Herbicide
  • Thiobencarb - MSDS
  • Thiobencarb Solution
  • Thiobencarb


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  • China’s rice herbicide market needs new products
  • A Guide to Generic Pesticides
  • Present status and future trends in India
  • Market trend and varieties analysis of Chinese pesticides industry

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  • Company from Australia
  • Company from Japan
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  • Africa's loss
  • Analysis of  Thiobencarb
  • Effect of foliar application of herbicides, Benthiocarb, 2,4-D and Fluchloralin
    on phyllosphere microflora of potato
  • Global Rice To Expand
  • Inheritance of tolerance to two herbisides, benthiocarb and molinate
  • RED facts
  • Vertical migration of some herbicides through undisturbed and homogenized soil columns


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