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  • Biofertilisers are considered to be an important alternative source of plant nutrition.

  • They are biologically active products, including bacteria, algae or fungi, with the ability to provide plants with nutrients. Most biofertilisers belong to one of two categories: nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilising.

  • Nitrogen fixing biofertilisers fix atmospheric nitrogen into forms which are readily useable by plants. These include rhizobium, azatobacter, azospirillum, blue green algae (BGA) and azolla. While rhizobium requires symbiotic association with the root nodules of legumes to fix nitrogen, others can fix nitrogen independently.

  • Phosphate solubilising micro-organisms (PSM) secrete organic acids which enhance the uptake of phosphorus by plants by dissolving rock phosphate and tricalcium phosphates. PSMs are particularly valuable as they are not crop specific and can benefit all crops.  

  • With the knowledge of adverse effects of synthetic pesticides world wide attention is rapidly shifting to non-synthetic safer pesticides & Biopesticide.

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